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Proceedings of the First European Seminar on Velomobile Design

The Seminar took place July 8th 1993 at the Technical University of Denmark in Farum. Dr. C.G.Rasmussen organized the seminar and compiled the proceedings.

The volume is 135 pages and contains a lot of drawings and b/w fotos.

ISBN 87-984875-0-7


The proceedings were published by the Danish Cyclist Federation and are - unfortunately - no longer available.


C.G. Rasmussen

Introduction - a brief historical retrospect about the history of velomobiles

Vytas Dovydenas

Velomobiles - The main characteristics of velomobiles

Peter Ernst

Opportunities between Michaulines and Limousines about todays and tomorrows transportation system and some vehicles for the future

Werner Stiffel

HPV - Verkehrsmittel der Zukunft
Practical vehicles and their characteristics

Andreas Fuchs

Towards the understanding of (dynamic) stability of velomobiles: The forces, their distributions and associated torques (Crosswindstability of faired vehicles)

W. Rohmert & S. Gloger

The test-vehicle MULTILAB and it's new front-wheel geometry

W. Rohmert & S. Gloger

Passive security of HPVs

C.G. Rasmussen

Fit for survival - in a velomobile
Velomobiles in mixed traffic and experiences during the first ten years with Leitra

Soeren Bendtsen

Design for fun: How a professional designer looks at the design process of velomobiles

Thomas Senkel

Plea for a good tyre
Measurements of rolling resistance of some common tires

Andrej Detela

After a century of explosions: A new type of electric motor that could be used directly in hubs

Michael Kutter

Velocity - Elektrounterstützung für Velomobile
Mixing of electric and human power at any ratio

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