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Neue HPV Lesezeichen Stand 17.11.2005


HPB portal site
SpinFin Pedal Drive Unit
Results World Championships 2005
Human Powered Hovercraft
Hydrofoil kayak
Phyxius hydrofoil
Cetan: Human Powered Hydrofoil
Velosub-Minisub underwater drives and vehicles
Jake Free propeller and hydrofoils
Dalhousie Hydrofoil
International Hydrofoil Society HP info
Philip Thiel's boats
Mike Lampi's boating page
Rick's Web Page
Hobie Kayaks
Forward-Facing Watercraft
Aquaskipper hopping hydrofoil
Pumpabike hopping hydrofoil (Flash only)
Pumpabike article Gizmag
Pumpabike article New Scientist
Proa von Jeff Wills
scafou - human powered hydrofoil
WaveWalk standup pedalled catamaran
JetBLADE canoe paddlewheels
Prototype Fish Robot, UPF-2001
HP Beach Toys
Swimming in syrup


Ruder-Velo Portal
VogaBike: italienisches Ruder-Liegerad
Ruder-Velo von Thys Roeifietsen
Ruder-Velo von Scott Olson


Bicycle Gear Inch & Shifting Pattern Calculator
Bicycle Speed And Power Calculator
Bike power calculator
Human Powered Vehicle Speed Simulator
Hydraulic bicycle drive
NACA ducts for HPV cooling
MARS projects - Crr vs Temperature
SRM power-speed measurements
The Complete Guide to Chain
MIT Leg Lab: Related Links
Research Topics: Loco-Motion/1
Muscles used in pedalling

Muselkraft stationär

Mother Earth News: The Great Wood-Splitting Contest!

Homepages, Organisationen

WISIL HPVers projects and rumors page
Human Powered Transportation Association
Cycling and Society
The North American Velomobilist Website
Sustainable Transportation
cfu/ - The carfree universe project
Adventure Cycling Association
Projekt Läufer | muskelgetriebenes Reisefahrzeug

Homepages, kommerzielle

Bikes At Work - Grocery Delivery Service
The Aerolope HPV -- Specifications & Options
Side-by-side recumbent tandem: the 2Can
Crank-It Mountain Quad
Zampano 4-Rad
Load-carrying scooters
Rotor Cranks USA
WPS-BIKE - Wetterschutz für Radfahrer
Bikedrive Systems - Homepage
hypertrike.org home page
Das go-one
BERKUT trikes | Faired models

Homepages, private

Nomadic Research (Steve Roberts)
Greg's endurance home page
Nhoj Yesdnil: Human Powered Vehicles
Moz's homepage
Joe Kochanowski's Homebuilt Bents
John Tetz: Trike Foamshell Velomobile p1
Steve's Velomobile Project
Nick Hein's Human Powered Vehicle Streamliner technical papers
Nick Hein's Recumbents and Streamliners
Homepage of Richard Guy Briggs


ExtraEnergy Portal
Power assist portal
Velocity Dolphin
JV Bike - BionX dealer of choice ...
BinBike electric bike
Megawatt Motorworks - Bidwell Bike Pusher Trailer


Twike CH
Twike Canada
Linkliste solare Mobilität
Honda Worldwide | Fuel Cell
The Eunicycle
Elektrisches Einrad-Fahrzeug
Building a Balancing Scooter
DontCrush.com - The Campaign to Save Electric Cars
The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum


The Miles Todd Crash Video
Dirk Hentschel´s Eigenbau-Liegerad Magic Scooter
Jym Dyer =v= Bicycles: Trailers
Cycling Skills
Deutsche Draisinentage
Liegerad, HPV, Fahrrad: technische Informationen
Oliebollentocht 2004 @ Fotopic.Net
Human Powered Ice Vehicle World Speed Championships
gizmag Article: Michelin Tweel could dramatically change tyre technology
The MuteAnt - A Human Powered Walking Machine!
Velofahrer vor Autoskulptur
The Man Who Loved Bicycles
Worlds fastest human powered trans Canada record
Human Contraptions
Ideal Human Powered Vehicles
Velorution - a daily chronicle of the peaceful revolution brought by pedal power
Velorution - Dismantling the car economy, celebrating bicycle culture
Transportation Futuristics : A Presentation of the Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library
Bike Reader
Science of Cycling: Human Power: page 1
Science of Cycling: The Wheel: page 1
Search for Human Powered Craft - WordIQ.com
International Bicycle Design Competition
Woodie Gallery: Cyclecars - Old Woodies
Cyclists and Roundabouts
In Town Without My Car
Image:V7 Frame.JPG - Pedalwiki
LigfietsPlaza - 17-6-2005: Fiets mee?
Fastest Human Pure-Muscle Speeds Illustrated (2001)
Indoor Duration Starting Frameset
Willkommen bei Wirtschaft Bern - beco
Toshiba : Press Releases 29 March, 2005
Hubbert Peak of Oil Production
Rick's Version 7
espace.ch - Die Region auf einen Klick!
Bicycle Mechanics - Overview, Papers, and External Links
Cycle Helmets: an international resource
Bicycling Life Home Page
The Douglas Self Site
Cargo Sport Utility Trailers
Bike Reader (2)
Bicycling Street Smarts - Table of Contents
Calfee Design - Custom Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frames, hand built, finished and painted
Brompton T5 folding bike
Ultracapacitors Challenge the Battery
Bikes are better than cars
CARtoons by Andy Singer
Bicycle Delivery Service
Pedalcar pictures
Homepage for Darren Carter - British Pedalcar Solo Champion - DC-Racing
Innovative Transportation Technologies
North Jersey Herald velomobile article

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