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Proceedings of the Third European Seminar on Velomobile Design

The Seminar took place August 5th 1998 at Roskilde Technical School.
Dr. C.G. Rasmussen, the organizer of the seminary, also compiled the proceedings.
The volume is 236 pages and contains a lot of drawings and b/w fotos.
ISBN 87-987188-0-0

Danish Cyclist Federation, Roemersgade 7, DK-1362 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Fax +45-33-32-76-83, www.dcf.dk/menudan.htm


Vytas Dovydenas

Biotransport and "Green Towns" of Europe

C. Etnier & J.C. Snyder

Issues in Pedicab Design

Jürgen Eick

The Everyday Velomobile: Who uses it and who could use it?

Joachim Fuchs

Velomobile - a missing Link in Traffic

P. Hwang,

Human-Powered Vehicles for Third-Agers

U.S. Laxman Nayak, R. Newport

as a Mode of Local Transport

Per Lindhardt

A Simple Trike with a Roof - for Elderly People in Denmark

David Gordon Wilson

The Design of Advanced Human-Powered Vehicles / Velomobiles and Product-Liability Litigation: Can they Co-exist in the Light of Apparently Outrageous US Cases?

Johannes Lund

The Danish Bicycle Design Competition 1996

T.A. Taylor & K. Blake

Designing a Practical Velomobile for the Next Century

Anselm Kiersch

Tuning Velomobiles for Everyday Use

Bill Patterson

Single Track Vehicle Dynamics. The Effect of Frame Geometry on Handling Qualities

Ian Sims

Stability of Faired Recumbent Tricycles in Cross Wind

Andreas Fuchs

Trim of Aerodynamically Faired Single-Track Vehicles in Cross Wind

Frank Lienhard

Minimizing Aerodynamic Drag of Fully Faired Racing Recumbents

S. Gloger & H. John

Investigation of the Passive Safety of Ultra Light Vehicles

Werner Stiffel

Smallish Recumbents

Anders Brage

Line-Go. A Linear Driven HPV Design Family

Clemens Bucher

Recumbents with Encapsulated Drive Chain

Thomas Senkel

Aluminium im Bau von Leichtfahrzeugen

M. Wächter,

Measurement and Simulation of the Vibrational Stress

N. Zacharias & F. Riess

on Cyclists

C.G. Rasmussen

Fiber Composites as Shock Absorbers

Binoe and Leikier

The Pilican

Niels Holme Larsen

The Nihola-Bike

Hans-Peter Barbey

Fortbewegung mit muskelkraftbetriebenen Fahrzeugen

Peter Lis

Lissy II

Hans Joergen Pedersen

Recumbents for Children

Gregory Tikhiy

The trike "G. Thun" Pedicab Manufacturers in the USA and the UK


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